Dept. of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Kogakuin University

Mechanical Safety Design Laboratory

PI / Associate Professor

Masaru Ogawa

  • Profile

Masaru Ogawa received his degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo. He worked at Center for Thermal Spray Research in The State University of New York at Stony Brook. After that, new nondestructive method for evaluating three-dimensional residual stresses using X-ray diffraction was invented at Yokohama National University. In 2017, the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award (Thesis) was won after arrived at Kogakuin University. Currently, he collaborates with Alexander M. Korsunsky in The University of Oxford. New methods based on the inverse problem are invented in Japan.

  • Career

  1. 2019/04/01-Present
    Kogakuin University, Associate Professor
  2. 2017/04/01-2019/03/31
    Kogakuin University, Assistant Professor
  3. 2015/04/01-2017/03/31
    Yokohama National University, Assistant Professor
  4. 2012/04/01-2015/03/31
    Yokohama National University, Research Associate
  5. 2011/06/06-2012/03/31
    The State University of New York at Stony Brook, Postdoctoral Associate
  6. 2011/04/01-2011/06/05
    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Tech Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Academic background

  1. 2006/03/31: Graduated
    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Mechano-Aerospace Engineering
  2. 2008/03/31: Completed
    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Environmental Informatics
  3. 2011/03/31: Completed
    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Control Engineering
  • Academic degrees

  1. 2011/03/31
    Ph.D. in Engineering
    Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Research Areas

  1. Mechanics of Material
  2. Inverse Problem
  • Research keywords

  1. Inverse problem
  2. Mechanics of Material
  3. Fracture mechanics
  4. Nondestructive evaluation
  5. X-ray diffraction
  6. Finite element method
  7. welding
  8. Residual stress
  • Award

  1. 2017/10/31
    University Award
  2. 2017/4/20
    JSME Award 2016 (The Best Paper)
  3. 2015/11/13
    NF Foundation R&D Encouragement Award
  4. 2015/6/3
    JSMS Award for Best Presentation
  5. 2015/4/17
    JSME Young Engineers Award
  6. 2014/5/29
    Mazak Research Paper Award